PMP40379 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

500-W: single stage LLC power supply reference design for audio amplifier


This single-stage LLC converter reference design illustrates how to convert AC input voltage (100-120 Vac and 200-240 Vac) to isolated ±42-V DC output with the UCC256302 resonant controller. The design has a regulated ±42-V output that can handle up to 6 A of continuous output current and 12 A of peak current for 100 ms.

  • 100–120-Vac or 200–240-Vac input range operation without front-end PFCProvides ±42-V at 6-A continuous/12-A peak output current for audio amplifierMore than 95% peak efficiency and less than 500-mW standby power consumption at 230-Vac
Product Categories
  • Power management