PMP40376 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

40-V to 180-V DC input: 24-V 2-A output half brick power module reference design


This reference design is an auxiliary power supply with 24-V: 2-A output. The line and load regulation of the power supply is designed to be within 1% using secondary side regulator UCC28740. All components are on the toplayer and the size is the industrial standard half-brick dimension.

  • Valley switching operation and VS balance synchronous rectifier flybackSecondary-side feedback improve load regulationAll components on the toplayer simplify adding heatsink on the bottom sideIntegrated input OVP: UVLO: and output OVP: OCP: SCP improve system reliability
  • Oscilloscope (DSO)
  • Railway electric propulsion system
Product Categories
  • Power management