PMP40001 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

USB Type-C PD DFP 5/12/20V3A Output with 2~3 Cell Battery Input Power Bank Reference Design


PMP40001 is a full featured USB type-C PD DFP reference design. The pure analog configuration for the USB type-C source controller--TPS25740 makes the PD negotiation easy. It supports 3 sets of output voltage options including 5V/12V/20V.  The max output current is 3A which provides a maximal 60W output power @20Vo. This design's total efficiency can achieve 96% at full load by adopting the high performance buck-boost controller--LM5175: which also means a good thermal performance. The valid input voltage range is from 6V to 13.5V which is compatible with the 2S and 3S lithium battery pack.

  • High dscharging power up to 20V/3AFully support USB type-C PD profile 4Compatibility with 2S:3S cell inputHigh efficiency up to 96%@ full loadSmall size with low component countPure analog configuration for USB type-C PD negotiation
  • Digital still camera
  • Power bank
  • Appliances: battery charger
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
TL331 TL331 Buy Datasheet
TPD2E1B06 TPD2E1B06 Buy Datasheet
TPS2514A TPS2514A Buy Datasheet

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PMP40001 Gerber 10 Jun 2016 ZIP 449
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