PMP30676 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

24-W nonsynchronous SEPIC pre-regulator reference design for automotive telematics control units


This automotive pre-regulator reference design showcases a nonsynchronous single-ended primary-inductor converter (SEPIC): which covers an input voltage range of 6.0 V to 36 V. The output voltage is 12.0 V with a maximum load current of 2.0 A. The design can operate down to an input voltage of 4.5 V to support automotive cranking.

  • Converter can step up and down the input voltageCost effective topology that uses only two semiconductor devices in the power stageOperates down to 4.5 V for automotive crankingLow input voltage ripple leads to better EMC
  • Telematics control unit
  • Emergency call (eCall)
Product Categories
  • Power management