PMP30602 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Tiny -60-V cuk reference design for automotive applications


This tiny reference design delivers -60-V output voltage from an input voltage around 5 V. It is typically generated by an automotive pre regulator. The LM5001-Q1 is the controller: TLV271-Q1 converts the negative output voltage to be suitable for positive feedback (FB) input of the LM5001.  In general: this converter is used as auxiliary supply for LIDAR applications.

  • Peak efficiency 75% despite large duty cycle: total power losses Fine thermal behavior: temperature rise less than +20K at full loadLoad regulation less than 30 mV means less than 0.05%Output ripple around 200mVppLow reflected ripple (= conducted emissions) by Cuk topology (= inverting SEPIC)
  • Mechanically scanning LIDAR
Product Categories
  • Power management