PMP30600-TH Reference Design

Texas Instruments

20-A automotive pre-regulator reference design with extended input voltage range for trucks


This reference design is a 100-W synchronous buck converter to supply automotive loads. The IC is LM5146-Q1 in fixed frequency operation at 100 kHz to ensure low noise operation. This IC (LM5146-Q1)  is designed for automotive with the ability to handle load dump for truck applications. A resistor-capacitor (RC) snubber attenuates noise in the RF band to reduce radiated emissions. To reduce system EMI: the design is prepared to either synchronize other converters (output) or be externally synchronized (input). 

  • Power stage withstands surge voltages up to 75 VpkEfficiency higher than 94% over a output current range of 2.5 A to 20 A  (at 14 V input voltage)Tight load regulation results in a low deviation (6 mV) of the output voltage over the whole range of the input voltageInput filter for minimizing conducted emissions is included
  • DC/DC converter
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  • Power management