PMP30595 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Universal buck converter reference design for educational purposes


This universal buck converter reference design features a voltage mode buck converter in combination with a tiny: onboard electronics load to demonstrate the relationship in between small signal analysis in frequency domain (= network analysis) and large signal analysis in time domain (= transient response). The loop bandwidth has been squeezed to maximum with a cross over frequency at 20 kHz+. When using this converter design in mass production: it’s recommended to use compensation values for a cross over frequency of 15 kHz with a safe gain margin. In this design: the loop bandwidth has been exhausted to test Bode function of measurement equipment and demonstrate the impact of drain jitter (= subharmonic noise) regarding power integrity.

  • Extra low input voltage 2.5-mm jack to use cost effective 12 V wall adapterInput filter to demonstrate attenuation of reflected ripple (= conducted emissions)RC snubber circuit to demonstrate RF ripple reduction (= radiated emissions)Load and load control could be fully disconnected from input and output for efficiency measurementNumerous test points to access all voltages and waveforms
  • Oscilloscope (DSO)
  • Arbitrary waveform generator (AWG)
Product Categories
  • Power management