PMP30548 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Small automotive front-end 16-W power reference design


This reference design is an automotive front-end power supply able to provide 16 W for the 12-V car battery. The first stage is a pre-boost LM5150-Q1 to maintain a stable: mid-rail voltage of 8.5 V during cold-crank operation. Two downstream buck converters are able to handle jump start requirements of up to 40 V. Additionally: an LC filter is built in to improve EMI behavior.

  • Small & thin solution of 44 mm x 32 mmDesigned to handle cold cranking operation of 3.2 VWide-Vin buck supply to handle jump start operation of 40 VAn EMI friendly solutionOutput power contains 5 V at 1.6 A rail and 3.3 V at 2.3 ANo usage of electrolytic capacitors
Product Categories
  • Power management