PMP30487 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Inverting SEPIC reference design for noise sensitive loads


This reference design is an inverting SEPIC (Cuk) Converter powering 50-W continuous and up to 70-W peak. The used Cuk topology provides continuous currents at input and output: which allows the lowest conducted emissions in both directions.  Compared to an inverting flyback radiated emissions are low as well due to no RF ringing at the switch node.

  • Best EMI behavior compared to inverting buck boost or inverting flybackA high full load efficiency of 94%Transient response is better than 1% for 50% load rangeOutput voltage is regulated very tight over the whole input voltage range (28 V to 42 V)Load regulation is tight over the whole output current rangeUVLO functionality is integrated
  • Lab & field Instrumentation
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  • Power management