PMP30465 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

30-W SEPIC reference design with extended input voltage range


This reference design is a wide input voltage range SEPIC converter delivering up to 30-W continuous output power using a cost-effective: discrete startup circuitry that allows it to be supplied up to a 80-V input. Another discrete UVLO circuitry prevents from large input currents at low input voltage: so the power supply is able to handle an input range of 1:8. The internal driver of the controller is boosted by a small external push- pull stage using bipolar transistors. This allows it to be used with a coupled inductor from stock results in less amount and stress for the flying capacitors. Furthermore: there is no need for additional damping RC network. 

  • Increased driver sink/source capability by an external push-pull stageLow impedance capacitance ladder at output to reduce ripple and noiseMeasures were taken to reduce switching noise at FET and rectifierCost-effective solution by adding several discrete features to TPS40210
Product Categories
  • Power management