PMP30359 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

28-W/49-W Automotive boost converter reference design for ADAS applications


This reference design features an automotive synchronous boost converter: which can be configured for two different output voltages. A regulated input voltage of 5.0 V is converted to either 8.0 V or 14.0 V. The maximum load current for both output voltages is 3.5 A. The design has been space optimized to fit into an area of 30 mm x 50 mm in order to fit into ADAS applications.

  • High efficiency for low power dissipation in space constrained applicationsIncludes an output filter for minimizing the output voltage rippleVery good load transient behavior resulting in small output voltage deviationTight output voltage regulation for an accurate output voltage
  • Surround view system ECU
  • ADAS domain controller
  • Drive assist ECU
  • Radar ECU
Product Categories
  • Power management