PMP21542 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

150-A Flash LIDAR current regulator power supply reference design for automotive applications


This flash LIDAR design supplies a 150-A/300-uS current regulated pulse to a laser diode. It operates over an input voltage range of 6 V - 36 V and provides an adjustable current level and time duration pulse. A SEPIC converter minimizes current peaks from the input voltage by using constant current regulation to charge a capacitor bank to a fixed voltage. Once charged: this supplies power to a three-phase synchronous buck converter which regulates the current through the laser diode. The laser diode can be fired at a 30-Hz rate.

  • Synchronous buck operates at 50A per phase (3 phases) with an available 4th phase for higher output currentOutput current pulse is sourced from capacitor bank: smoothing input current pulses and reducing EMISEPIC converter operates in constant current / constant voltage mode (CC/CV)Compact size of 50mm x 60mm minimizes PCB area
  • Mechanically scanning LIDAR
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