PMP21516 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

50/100-W Flyback reference design for audio applications


This reference design implements a dual-output flyback using the cost effective LM5021 AC-DC Current-Mode PWM Controller. Universal line input is converted to both 24-V and 6-V outputs. The TLV1117 Fixed LDO Voltage Regulator converts the 6-V output to 3.3 V and can handle 0.2 A of current. The supply is designed for sustained operation at 50 W and is rated for peaks up to 100 W: which is ideal for the power requirements of audio signals.

  • Universal line input to 24-V 2.25-A/4.5-A isolated outputSecondary output through an LDO outputs 3.3-V/200-mA with reduced noiseUp to 89% efficiency at full load without the need for a synchronous rectifierOperates at 50 W of sustained power and 100 W peaks
  • Soundbar
  • Smart speaker
Product Categories
  • Power management