PMP21495 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

6.6 kW: bi-directional: dual-active-bridge CLLLC resonant converter reference design


This reference design is a 6.6 kW: bi-directional: dual-active-bridge resonant converterdesign that allows 380 VDC to 600 VDC input and 280 VDC to 450 VDC output. This design uses the C2000 micro-controller TMS320F280049 along with silicon-carbide (SiC) driver UCC21530-Q1 to drive bridges both on primary and secondary sides. The design implements the daughter card approach to the C2000 controller (TMDSCNCD280049C) and SiC drivers (PMP21553 and PMP21561) and applies a Rogowski coil for synchronous rectifier (SR) optimization along with high bandwidth OpAmp LMV116MF. With 500 kHz resonant frequency and 300 kHz~700 kHz operational frequencies: this design is able to reach peak 98% efficiency.

  • 500 kHz resonant frequency: 300 kHz to 700 kHz operational frequencyCapable of bi-directional energy flowReach 98% peak efficiency at 280 V inputBoard dimension 5.8 x 10.7" x 3"High frequency: high voltage active synchronous rectifier control with Rogowski coil"
Product Categories
  • Power management