PMP21366 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

700-W interleaving transition-mode PFC reference design


This reference design uses a UCC28064A: Natural Interleaving(TM) transition-mode power factor correction (PFC) controller to provide a universal AC input to 380-V/700-W conversion. This design achieves 98% peak efficiency at the 230 VAC input and the light-load efficiency is maintained at a level close to full-load efficiency because of the burst mode operation provided by UCC28064A. This is an advantageous feature for customers who want to meet certain standards (i.e.: 80PLUS) with light-load efficiency requirements.

  • Interleaving transition-mode PFC with improved light load efficiencyUniversal AC input: 385-V/700-W outputOver 94.5% efficiency from 5% load to 100% load at 115VAC inputOver 96% efficiency from 5% load to 100% load at 230VAC inputAchieve 98% peak efficiency at 230VAC input
  • Merchant network & server PSU
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