PMP21277 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

154W Synchronous Boost Converter Reference Design


PMP21277 is a single-phase synchronous boost converter reference design using the LM5122 boost controller IC. The design accepts an input voltage of 10.8Vin to 13.2Vin (12Vin Nominal) and provides an output of20.5Vout capable of supplying 7.5A of continuous current to the load. The design was built on the PMP7924 RevA PCB: which was modified to the PMP21277 design configuration and requirements. The PCB is a 4-layer board with 1oz copper on outer layers and 0.5oz Copper on inner layers.

  • High efficiency synchronous operation enables 97.6% peak effiiciencyCapable of being synchronized to external clock signalController IC includes high current FET drivers
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