PMP21107 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Wide input synchronous buck converter reference design with frequency spread spectrum


This reference design is a synchronous buck converter for automotive applications utilizing a synchronous buck controller with frequency spread spectrum. The design uses a dual MOSFET in power SO-8 package. Forced pulse width modulation (FPWM) or diode emulation mode (DEMB) is jumper selectable. The features include an enable input and power good flag. The switching frequency is set to 440 kHz. Frequency dithering and input filtering help improve EMI performance. Modified frequency compensation supports all ceramic output capacitors.

  • All ceramic output capacitors for increased reliabilityPeak current-mode control simplifies compensation designOn-board EMI filter eases compliance testingFrequency dithering improves EMI performanceDual MOSFET improves switching performance
  • Hybrid instrument cluster
  • Reconfigurable instrument cluster
  • Voltage conditioning module
Product Categories
  • Power management