PMP20774 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

60W USB Type C Car Charger Reference Design


The PMP20774 reference design is a universal USB Type C Charger utilizing the LM5175 DCDC and TPS25740B PD controller for aftermarket car charger applications. This design has a minimum operating input voltage of 6V and a maximum input voltage of 40V. The design is capable of sourcing 3A continuous current at 5Vout, 9Vout, 15Vout and 20Vout. Switching frequency is set to 350kHz. Waveforms were taken at 12V and 24V input.

  • 6V to 40V in, output 5V @ 3A, 9V @ 3A, 20V @ 3A
  • Achieving efficiency of 90% across entire operation range, 95% peak efficiency
  • Compact size, slim form factor
  • Solution size: 57mm x 19mm
  • No firmware needed, PD controller TPS25740
  • Desktop PC
Product Categories
  • Power Management


Part Number Name Companion Part
CSD17579Q3A CSD17579Q3A Buy Datasheet
LM5175PWP LM5175PWP Datasheet
TPS25740BRGER TPS25740BRGER Buy Datasheet

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PMP20774 Gerber 25 Jul 2017 ZIP 565
PMP20774 CAD Files 25 Jul 2017 ZIP 637
PMP20774 PCB 25 Jul 2017 PDF 1097
PMP20774 Assembly Drawing 25 Jul 2017 PDF 163
PMP20774 BOM 25 Jul 2017 PDF 32
PMP20774 Schematic 25 Jul 2017 PDF 221