PMP20565 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Hold-up time beyond 10 ms using flyback converter and smaller solution size reference design


This reference design significantly extends the hold-up time beyond 10 ms without bulky output capacitor bank. A 60-V high voltage energy storage capacitor is utilized on the input side. It instantaneously connects to a flyback converter when a line interruption is detected: charges up the input capacitor and extends the hold-up time. The active switch circuitry is fast-acting and current-limiting. By removing the bulky output capacitor bank: it further reduces the total solution size. It is a compact solution for isolated power supply where a long hold-up time is required.

  • Wide input range 9V to 60VEstimated 100-ms hold-up time at 12V/0.5A60-V high voltage energy storage capacitorFast-acting: current-limiting active switchEasy scale up to high output power
Product Categories
  • Power management