PMP20410 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Variable Outputs Single Cell Battery 80W E-Cigarette Buck Boost Reference Design


PMP20410 is a synchronous 4-switch buck-boost converter which utilizes the LM5175 controller for E-Cigarette applications. The output voltage can be selected from 1V to 10V at 13A to 28A using a trim resistor at the FB pin with a 0.2V to 3.1V bias voltage. This design also uses a non-sync boost regulator LMR62014 to provide the bias power for LM5175 which enables 2.7V input operation. The LM5175 pulse-by-pulse current limiting is inherent in the current-mode controller. The board includes enable: synchronization and power good functions. This design supports resistive heating element ranging from 0.1Ω to 0.5Ω to provide 80W power.

  • 2.7V to 4.3V in: output 1V to 10V @ 13A to 28ALM5175 buck-boost controller to achieve over 90% efficiency over entire operating conditionsCompact size: slim form factor: suitable for e-cigaretteSolution size: 43mm x 30mm98% peak efficiency
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  • Power Management


Part Number Name Companion Part
LMR62014 LMR62014 Buy Datasheet

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