PMP20196 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

20W Wide Input Voltage Isolated Flyback Converter Reference Design


PMP20196 is an isolated flyback converter reference design using the LM5022 controller IC. The design accepts an input voltage of 9VDCin to 150VDCin and provides an output of 5Vout capable of supplying 4A of maximum current to the load. The nominal switching frequency of the design is approximately 325KHz. The design is built on the PMP9253 PCB: which is a 4-layer FR-4 board with 1 oz. copper for the top and bottom layers and 0.5 oz. copper for the two inner layers.

  • Wide input voltage rangePrimary-to-secondary isolationCycle-by-cycle current limit
  • Train control & management systems
  • Trackside signaling & control systems
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