PMP15013 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

CISPR-22 EMI-Optimized Reference Design Featuring the LMR16030 DC/DC Buck Converter


The PMP15013 reference design is a 5V/3A output power supply using the LMR16030 DC/DC buck regulator. This design uses a 4-layer board and is intended for industrial applications with a 24V input bus. LMR16030 is a 4.5V to 60V input: 3A output capable: and 200 kHz to 2.5MHz non-synchronous buck regulator. This reference design has an input voltage range of 18V to 36V: covering the widely-varying input voltage condition commonly seen in industrial applications with a loosely-regulated nominal 24V input voltage. The reference board includes an input EMI filter: and the layout is optimized for improved EMI performance on a 4-layer PCB. The board was tested to the CISPR-22 standard: and the conducted emissions (CE) and radiated emissions (RE) were in compliance with the CISPR-22 Class-B requirement with 10dB of margin.

  • 18V to 36V Wide Vin: 5V/3A output: support 24V busIn compliance with CISPR 22 Class B both conducted emissions and radiated emissions standard with 10dB+ marginPeak current control: OCP function: inductor saturation protectionEase of use
  • String inverter
  • Micro inverter
  • AC charging (pile) station
  • Central inverter
  • Solar arc protection
  • Smart combiner box
  • Cellular module asset tracking
Product Categories
  • Power management

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PMP15013 Gerber 31 May 2016 ZIP 166
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PMP15013 Layer Plots 31 May 2016 PDF 2304
PMP15013 Assembly Drawing 31 May 2016 PDF 747
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PMP15013 Schematic 31 May 2016 PDF 116