PMP11478 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

30W Active Clamp Forward Converter Reference Design


PMP11478 is an isolated active clamp forward converter accepts a voltage range of 24-36V and delivers a 12V output at 2.5A. This design uses the LM5026 active clamp current-mode controller. Output voltage regulation is maintained using an LMV431 shunt regulator and opto-coupler feedback. Schottky rectifiers allow for holdup of 2.5ms using the stored charge of the output capacitors. The isolation voltage is 2250 VDC meeting basic insulation requirements.

  • Active clamp forward control for higher power densityIsolated outputSynchronization capabilityWide bandwidth feedback for improved transient responseOvercurrent and hiccup protection
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
LM5026 LM5026 Buy Datasheet
LMV431A LMV431A Buy Datasheet

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Other Documents

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PMP11478 Gerber (from PMP7892) 04 Jan 2016 ZIP 218
PMP11478 CAD Files 04 Jan 2016 ZIP 571
PMP11478 PCB (from PMP7892) 04 Jan 2016 PDF 1102
PMP11478 Component Views (from PMP7892) 04 Jan 2016 PDF 148
PMP11478 Assembly Drawing (from PMP7892) 04 Jan 2016 PDF 96
PMP11478 BOM 04 Jan 2016 PDF 135
PMP11478 Schematic (from PMP7892) 04 Jan 2016 PDF 404