PMP11114 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Automotive Input Dual Port USB Type C Charger Reference Design


PMP11114 is a dual port USB Type C Charger. This design takes an automotive input voltage (7V to 18V nominal: load dump to 40V).  The output goes to two USB Type ports: each of these ports supplies 5V.  The desgin supports 3A on one port and 1.5A on the other port.  The DC/DC portion of the design is rated for 5A total current.  The design is fully compliant with USB type C and backwards compliant with BC1.2 and DCP configurations.

  • USB Type C compliantEfficiency is greater than 90% after USB switchesMax component temp is 55C with full loadCompact board size (50mm x 55mm)Power path sharing to limit port current
  • Automotive USB charge
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
LM25117 LM25117 Buy Datasheet
TPS2514A TPS2514A Buy Datasheet

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PMP11114 Gerber 24 Sep 2015 ZIP 369
PMP11114 Assembly Drawing 24 Sep 2015 PDF 161
PMP11114 BOM 24 Sep 2015 PDF 130
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