PMP10765 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

15V 130mA Bias Supply for Universal 85-265VAC Input using High-side Buck Topology Reference Design


This design uses low-cost high voltage non-isolated controller UCC28880 for a 15V 130mA bias supply with universal 85VAC-265VAC input range.

  • Universal AC input: 85VAC-264VACLow-cost UCC28880 controllerHigh voltage transfer ratio non-isolated Buck converter
  • Residential water heater & heating system
Product Categories
  • Power management

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Other Documents

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PMP10765 Gerber 05 Nov 2014 ZIP 182
PMP10765 PCB 05 Nov 2014 PDF 151
PMP10765 Assembly Drawing 05 Nov 2014 PDF 51
PMP10765 BOM 05 Nov 2014 PDF 104
PMP10765 Schematic 05 Nov 2014 PDF 108