PMP10651 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

2.2MHz Switching: Synchronous Split Supply Reference Design for 12V Battery with all Protections


PMP10651 is a low noise: multi-output SMPS design where LM53603 is used in Inverting Buck-Boost Fly buck topology to generate positive and negative supply needed in multiple noise sensitive applications such as powering High Speed Video Amplifier: RF amplifier: Precision Low noise amplifier etc.   The design accepts an input voltage of 7Vin to 15 Vin DC (from 12V Lead Acid Battery) and provides outputs of +12V@500mA: -12v@500mA: 5V @400mA and 3.3V@150mA. It features a small size and is an inexpensive and more efficient solution to using Flyback or Pushpull converters .

  • High Frequency Bipolar Supply design using inexpensive coupled inductorWeighted feedback for both the output to attain good regulationPositive output can be lower than : in between or higher than Vin rangeLow Vin Support for Single as well as Dual Li ion Battery supportLMZ integrated  module is used to generate 5V High PSRR LDOs are used for Bipolar outputs
  • Data acquisition (DAQ)
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
LMZ21700 LMZ21700 Buy Datasheet
THS3001 THS3001 Buy Datasheet
TLVH431A TLVH431A Buy Datasheet

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