PMP10571 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

15W Isolated Self-Driven Synchronous Inverting Fly-Buckboost Using LM5160 Regulator Reference Design


PMP10571 is a sync isolated Flybuck-boost converter with a negative primary voltage. The power supply has a synchronous buck regulator: LM5160: and a versa pack transformer. The synchronous rectifier on the secondary improves efficiency and regulation under heavy load. The design accepts an input voltage of 18V to 30V: and outputs 5V: capable of providing 3A of current to the load: making it suitable for 24V input industrial application. The Fly-Buck topology can regulate the secondary side outputs without opto-coupler or aux winding: and is capable of achieving good regulation within ±5%. With LM5160's Constan On-Time control: no loop compensation is required: which  simplifies the design and helps reducing the external part count and BOM cost.

  • Versa pack transformer increase design versatility+5V/3A with LM5160 capable of 4.5V to 65V inputPrimary Side Regulation without Opto: Good Regulation: within +/-5% Synchronous rectifier on the secondary winding improves efficiency and regulation.Constant On Time Control: No Loop Compensation Required: and Fast Transient ResponseNo primary winding snubber is required
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  • Power management


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CSD18534Q5A CSD18534Q5A Buy Datasheet

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