PMP10416 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

200VAC-400VAC Input: 24V 50W Output: PSR Flyback with SiC-FET Reference Design


This design uses low-cost primary side regulation (PSR) IC UCC28700 with a SiC-FET for 200VAC-400VAC input range. A 24V output is generated with maximum 50W rating.

  • High voltage AC input: 200VAC-400VACSiC MOSFET utilized50W Maximum output power rating at efficiency of 86.5% at 200VAC: 86.9% at 400VAC
  • AC drive power stage module
  • Motor diagnostics & monitoring
  • Servo drive power stage module
  • Servo drive power supply module
  • Multifunction relay
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
UCC28700 UCC28700 Buy Datasheet

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PMP10416 Gerber 04 Nov 2014 ZIP 180
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