PMP10338 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

100V-400Vdc Input: 15V/25mA Auxillary Supply Reference Design


This reference design generates a non-isolated 15V/25mA output from a 100V-400V DC input. It is intended to be used as an auxillary bias supply in off-line applications.  It can be connected directly to the bulk input cap: after the bridge rectifier in most AC/DC system.  The UCC28910 with integrated 700V MOSFET controls a simple flyback converter power stage. The variable switching frequency control method and valley switching of the UCC28910 reduce losses.  This highly integrated design consumes very little board space and is comprised of only 13 components.

  • Auxillary bias power supply for AC/DC systems Highly integrated design consumes only 0.42 square inches (2.6 square cm) of board space High Efficiency - maintains over 50% efficiency with loads down to 5mA
Product Categories
  • Power management


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UCC28910 UCC28910 Buy Datasheet

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