PMP10260 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

24Vdc Input (Double Car Battery) Automotive Multiphase Sync-Buck Reference Design


This high-efficiency: high-power reference design uses the LM5119 two-phase synchronous-buck controller to regulate 14.4V at 60A. This design can be used to supply single car battery power from a double battery system: often found in trucks. Features include input EMI filtering: output hot swap protection: input/output current monitoring and temperature monitoring.

  • Efficiency of 96% at Vin = 24V and 60A outputVery low output ripple voltage (20mVpp)Internal 5V bias supply provides up to 0.5AInput and output current monitoringOutput over-current protection
  • Automotive external amplifier
  • Voltage conditioning module
  • Aftermarket audio amplifier
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
INA198 INA198 Buy Datasheet
LM50 LM50 Buy Datasheet
LM5060 LM5060 Buy Datasheet
LM5119 LM5119 Buy Datasheet
TPS54060 TPS54060 Buy Datasheet

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PMP10260 Gerber 01 Oct 2015 ZIP 296
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