PMP10210 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

-14V/150mA Inverting BuckBoost Reference Design


Modified step-down converter PMP2763 to an inverting flyback.  Could be easily changed to -15V output to provide negative rail out with a 15V input.

  • Low output rippleVery good line and load regulationNo ringing: no overshoot at the switchnode waveformsLoop is optimized for best dynamic perfomance (designed for pulsed load)
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
TPS54060 TPS54060 Buy Datasheet

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Other Documents

Title Updated Type Size (KB)
PMP10210 Gerber (from PMP2763) 23 Sep 2015 ZIP 53
PMP10210 CAD Files 23 Sep 2015 ZIP 79
PMP10210 PCB (from PMP2763) 23 Sep 2015 PDF 37
PMP10210 BOM 23 Sep 2015 PDF 99
PMP10210 Schematic 23 Sep 2015 PDF 125