PMP10151 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Sepic with Adjustable Output Voltage and Input Current Limit Reference Design


This reference design provides an adjustable output voltage between 20V and 25V and an input voltage range of 10V to 14V. It also provides the functionality to limit the input current of the converter between 70mA and 135mA. The adjustable values are set by a VID interface which is either discrete or integrated.

  • Adjustable output voltageAdjustable input current limit
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
LM10011 LM10011 Buy Datasheet
LM5001 LM5001 Buy Datasheet

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PMP10151 Gerber 10 Apr 2015 ZIP 41
PMP10151 Altium 10 Apr 2015 ZIP 633
PMP10151 PCB 10 Apr 2015 PDF 245
PMP10151 Assembly Drawing 10 Apr 2015 PDF 217
PMP10151 BOM 10 Apr 2015 PDF 17
PMP10151 Schematic 10 Apr 2015 PDF 283