PMP10143 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Universal AC Input: Dual Output (12V@30mA: 3.3V@400mA) Isolated Flyback Converter Reference Design


The PMP10143 reference design demonstrates the use of UCC28880 high-voltage switcher to design an Offline Isolated Flyback converter that can supply greater than 100mA output current. Using 2ndary side feedback control: the design delivers a tighly regulated 3.3V/400mA output that can be used to bias micontrollers and DSPs. In addition the design also provides a 2nd output rail of 12V/30mA that can be used to supply relays and other analog devices.

  • UCC28880-based Isolated Flyback converterDesign delivers >100mA outputTightly regulated 3.3V output (>74% efficiency at full-load on both railsFlyback transformer designed for basic isolationShort-circuit withstand capability of 3 secondsThis design is tested and includes test results and CAD files
  • Grid asset monitoring
  • Compact relay
Product Categories
  • Power management


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LMV431A LMV431A Buy Datasheet

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PMP10143 CAD Files 23 Sep 2015 ZIP 96
PMP10143 Assembly Drawing 23 Sep 2015 PDF 208
PMP10143 BOM 23 Sep 2015 PDF 112
PMP10143 Schematic 23 Sep 2015 PDF 253