PMP10083 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Universal Input to 15V@400mA PSR Non-Isolated Flyback with Integrated 700V Switch Reference Design


A quasi-resonant non-isolated Flyback supplies 15V @ 400mA from universal input voltage (90Vac to 265Vac). A LC filter has been added on input terminals to comply with CENELEC EN50065-1 regulations and make this power supply suitable for Power Line Communication. The efficiency curve value remains almost flat (72% to 85%) in the power range of 10%...100% and in the whole input voltage range.

  • Simple non-isolated PSR flyback converter with integrated 700V FETCompact solution (28.4mm x 67.4mm) supplies 6W with almost flat efficiency from 50mA to 400mA load (72%...85%)Good output voltage regulation versus load: +/-5% in the whole temperature rangeVery low noise solution: suitable for PLC applications: complying with CENELEC EN50065-1
  • Washer & dryer
  • Refrigerator & freezer
  • Electricity meter
  • Power quality meter
  • Air purifier & humidifier
  • Data concentrators
  • Dish washer
  • Mixer
  • blender & food processor
  • Air conditioner outdoor unit
  • Electronic hospital bed & bed control
  • Circuit breaker (ACB
  • MCCB
  • VCB)
  • Cooker hood
  • Power quality analyzer
  • Mains powered tools
  • Air conditioner indoor unit
  • Appliances pumps & fans
  • Appliances: compressor
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