PMP10000 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

60A 2-Phase PMBus Synchronous Buck Converter Reference Design


This design is for a 60A 2-phase Synchronous Buck Converter: incorporating the TPS40428 PMBus driverless PWM controller and the CSD95372B Smart Power Stage. The design accepts a 10V to 14V input: and provides a 1V at 60A output. The PMBus design enables programming: configuration: control: sequencing: voltage margining: Adaptive Voltage Scaling (AVS): and accurate current: voltage and temperature monitoring of high-power ASIC power supplies in Enterprise Storage/NAS/SAN: Ethernet Switches: Optical Networks: and Base Stations.

  • 10V to 14V Input: 1V 60A OutputPMBus interface for programming: margining: AVS: and telemetry20mV pk-to-pk Output Voltage Ripple at 12VIN: 1VOUT/100A624mm² total power supply areaLess than 10W Power Loss at 60W Output Power86% Efficiency at 12VIN: 1Vout/60A
Product Categories
  • Power management


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PMP10000 Gerber 10 Feb 2015 ZIP 256
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