CC2531ZLIGHT2-RD Reference Design

Texas Instruments

CC2531 Zlight2 Reference Design


This reference design provides a complete ZigBee Light Link controlled color RGBW LED lamp. The lamp has four color LEDs (red: green: blue: white) and is powered over USB. The LEDs are controlled by the CC2531 device: which runs the ZigBee Light Link software stack. To save space and cost the board is equipped with a half wave dipole PCB antenna.

  • Compact multicolor LED light design Half wave dipole PCB antenna 4 LEDs with different colors (red: green: blue: white)USB powered FCC/IC/CE compliant
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  • SimpleLink Solutions


Part Number Name Companion Part
CC2530 CC2530 Buy Datasheet
CC2531 CC2531 Buy Datasheet
TPS62290 TPS62290 Buy Datasheet

User Guides

Title Updated Type Size (KB)
DN041 -- Using CC253X or CC254X with Dipole PCB Antenna24 Jan 2013PDF733
DN000 - Design Note Overview (Rev. T)12 Oct 2011PDF126

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