Texas Instruments

Series: TRF370333

Part Number: TRF370333IRGET


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Digi-Key 296-31303-ND 1 $309.01 Buy
Digi-Key 296-31308-ND 4 $205.66 Buy
Digi-Key 296-21288-1-ND 795 $13.40 Buy
Texas Instruments TRF3761EVM-X 16 $199.00 Buy
Texas Instruments TRF370333IRGET 5440 $11.46 Buy
Texas Instruments TRF3710EVM 9 $299.00 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-TRF370333IRGET 293 $12.84 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-TRF3761EVM-X 1 $221.90 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-TRF3710EVM 0 Buy
Farnell TRF370333IRGET * $9.92 Buy
RS Components TRF370333IRGET $6.88 Buy
Newark TRF3761EVM-X $199.00 Buy
AVNET Express TRF3761EVM-X Buy
AVNET Express TRF3710EVM Buy
AVNET Express TRF370333IRGET 250 $8.89 Buy
Newark TRF370333IRGET $13.01 Buy
AVNET Europe TRF370333IRGET 250 * $11.34 Buy
element14 APAC TRF370333IRGET * $14.43 Buy

Quadrature Mod 24-Pin VQFN EP T/R


Application Notes

Title Manufacturer Published
Gain Optimization Texas Instruments 10/16/2008
Superior ACPR Performance of TI?s TRF3703xx Family Texas Instruments 10/07/2008
Passive Terminations for Current Output DACs Texas Instruments 11/10/2008
TRF3703xx Quadrature Modulators Improve Spurious Emission and Save Power in TDD Texas Instruments 10/07/2008
LO Harmonic Effect of I/Q Modulator Sideband Suppression Texas Instruments 05/10/2010
TRF372017 Noise Analysis (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 10/07/2011
Baseband I/Q Trace Mismatch Degrades Sideband Suppression of RF I/Q Modulation Texas Instruments 09/21/2012
Optimizing Carrier & Sideband Suppression Texas Instruments 08/10/2005

Evaluation Kits

Title Type Part number
TRF3703 Evaluation Module Evaluation Modules & Boards TRF3703-33EVM
DAC3152 Evaluation Module Evaluation Modules & Boards DAC3152EVM
DAC5688 Evaluation Module Evaluation Modules & Boards DAC5688EVM
DAC5689 Evaluation Module Evaluation Modules & Boards DAC5689EVM
DAC3162EVM Evaluation Modules & Boards DAC3162EVM
AFE7222EVM Evaluation Modules & Boards AFE7222EVM
AFE7225EVM Evaluation Modules & Boards AFE7225EVM