Texas Instruments

Series: TPS65013

Part Number: TPS65013RGZT


Distributor SKU Stock Cost
Digi-Key 296-TPS65013RGZTCT-ND 375 $6.41 Buy
Texas Instruments TPS65013RGZT 1250 $4.36 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-TPS65013RGZT 0 $4.51 Buy
Win Source TPS65013RGZT 300 $7.76 Buy
Rochester Electronics TPS65013RGZT 3675 $3.25 Buy
Verical Marketplace TPS65013RGZT 4000 $3.58 Buy
AVNET Europe TPS65013RGZT 250 * $3.91 Buy
Newark TPS65013RGZT $5.10 Buy
AVNET Express TPS65013RGZT 3675 $3.38 Buy
Arrow North American Components TPS65013RGZT 0 $2.82 Buy

TPS65013 Multi-Channel 1-cell Li-Ion PMIC USB/AC Charger, 2DC/DC, 2 LDOs, I2C interface in QFN-48


Application Notes

Title Manufacturer Published
OMAP5910 Low-Power System Design (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 03/25/2004
IQ: What it is, what it isn?t, and how to use it Texas Instruments 06/17/2011
Understanding the TPS65010 Software Texas Instruments 11/17/2003
TPS6501x Device Comparison (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 07/12/2005
Optimizing Resistor Dividers at a Comparator (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 06/03/2013
Choosing an Appropriate Pull-up/Pull-down Resistor for Open Drain Outputs Texas Instruments 09/19/2011