Texas Instruments

Series: TPS60140

Part Number: TPS60140PWPR


Distributor SKU Stock Cost
Texas Instruments TPS60140PWPR 8381 $1.55 Buy
Utmel TPS60140PWPR 2325 $3.15 Buy
Win Source TPS60140PWPR 3036 $2.37 Buy
Rochester Electronics TPS60140PWPR 27080 $0.99 Buy
Jak Electronics TPS60140PWPR 2325 $23.21 Buy
AVNET Express TPS60140PWPR 27080 $0.98 Buy
AVNET Asia Pacific TPS60140PWPR $0.93 Buy
AVNET Europe TPS60140PWPR * $1.15 Buy
Newark TPS60140PWPR $0.78 Buy
Ameya360 TPS60140PWPR 4000 $0.89 Buy

TPS60140 Regulated 5-V Charge Pump Voltage Tripler With Low Battery Indicator


Evaluation Kits

Title Type Part number
2 battery cells to 5.0V, min. 100mA voltage tripler charge pump EVM Evaluation Modules & Boards TPS60140EVM-144