Series: TPS40211

Part Number: TPS40211


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DigiKey TPS40211DRCRG4-ND 0 $1.02 Buy
DigiKey 2156-TPS40211DRCT-ND 0 $1.00 Buy
DigiKey 296-39398-1-ND 127 $1.50 Buy
DigiKey 2156-TPS40211DGQR-ND 0 $1.83 Buy
DigiKey TPS40211DRCR-ND 0 $0.62 Buy
DigiKey 2156-TPS40211DGQR-ND 0 $1.83 Buy
DigiKey 296-23411-5-ND 0 $2.20 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-TPS40211DGQR 2435 $1.85 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-TPS40211DGQRG4 0 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-TPS40211DRCR 3370 $1.80 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-TPS40211DRCT 747 $2.08 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-TPS40211DRCRG4 3000 $1.80 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-TPS40211DGQ 3185 $2.08 Buy
AVNET Express TPS40211DGQ 100 $0.66 Buy
Newark TPS40211DGQ 169 $2.66 Buy
Texas Instruments TPS40211DGQ 28665 $1.57 Buy
AVNET Europe TPS40211DGQ 80 * $1.12 Buy
RS Components (APAC) TPS40211DGQ $29.59 Buy
AVNET Europe TPS40211DRCT * $1.07 Buy
AVNET Express TPS40211DRCT 23753 $0.95 Buy
Texas Instruments TPS40211DRCT 34065 $1.57 Buy
element14 APAC TPS40211DGQ 1217 * $2.47 Buy
Arrow North American Components TPS40211DGQ 0 $0.00 Buy
Verical Marketplace TPS40211DGQ 10000 $1.18 Buy
RS Components TPS40211DGQ $35.10 Buy
AVNET Express TPS40211DRCR 5833 $0.83 Buy
Texas Instruments TPS40211DRCR 71938 $1.31 Buy
AVNET Europe TPS40211DRCR * $1.01 Buy
AVNET Express TPS62260QDRVRQ1 Buy
AVNET Express TPS40211DGQRG4 $0.77 Buy
AVNET Express TPS40211DRCRG4 $0.74 Buy
Win Source TPS40211DRCR 26500 $1.45 Buy
AVNET Asia Pacific TPS40211DGQR 5000 $0.79 Buy
Utmel TPS40211DGQR 105536 $2.03 Buy
Win Source TPS40211DGQR 50000 $8.29 Buy
Texas Instruments TPS40211DGQR 5435 $1.31 Buy
AVNET Express TPS40211DGQR 31481 $0.83 Buy
AVNET Europe TPS40211DGQR 5000 * $1.01 Buy
Farnell TPS40211DGQ 953 * $2.33 Buy

TPS40211 Wide Input Range Current Mode Boost Controller


Reference Designs

Title Manufacturer Part Number
Automotive input range (10V - 50V) SEPIC LED driver Texas Instruments PMP6877
Boost 32V@0.15A for LED Driver for Magnifiers Texas Instruments PMP5451
Range boost converter reference design to drive two strings of automotive LEDs Texas Instruments PMP9010
Boost for LED Driver +/-17V@0.35A and +/-30V@0.35A Texas Instruments PMP4057
LED w/ dimming Texas Instruments PMP5632
15 series Driver (700mA@50) for Solar Street Lighting Texas Instruments PMP3543
Current-controlled SEPIC Texas Instruments PMP7072
36V @ 700mA LED Boost Texas Instruments PMP2743
SEPIC Converter Regulates 0.5A in LED String Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP8943
LED backlight driver 48V@0.26A Texas Instruments PMP6701
SEPIC (9.6V@700mA) for Lighting Applications Texas Instruments PMP5541
LED Boost 350mA/700mA with Dimming Texas Instruments PMP4524
LED Driver with 730mA @ 16 .. 32V and 9 .. 19V input voltage range Texas Instruments PMP5748
MR16 LED Replacement Texas Instruments PMP5665
9 to 16V Boost Converter Outputting 33V @ 2A Current Mirror Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP9003
SEPIC (14.4V@3.2A) for LED Lighting Texas Instruments PMP4702
SEPIC (13.5 - 18.0V @ 1.2A) for LED Drivers Texas Instruments PMP4729
LED backlight driver (30V @110mA) Texas Instruments PMP2660
Boost (20V- 40V @ 500mA) for LED Lighting Texas Instruments PMP4740
8VDC-16VDC 7.6V/700mA LED Driver Texas Instruments PMP4937
Boost Converter LED Driver Using 9V – 24V Input Range Texas Instruments PMP4807
LED driver 16.8V@2.6A Texas Instruments PMP4531
20V@0.35A(0.24) LED DRV Texas Instruments PMP4586
Automotive Range Boost Converter Drives Two Strings of LEDs Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP8948
34V@2.8A LED Street Light Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP10291