Series: TPS40140

Part Number: TPS40140


Distributor SKU Stock Cost
Digi-Key 296-26964-2-ND 0 $6.35 Buy
Digi-Key 2156-TPS40140RHHT-ND 0 $6.59 Buy
Digi-Key 296-20689-1-ND 0 $6.25 Buy
Digi-Key TPS40140RHHTG4-ND 0 $3.83 Buy
Digi-Key TPS40140RHHRG4-ND 0 $3.90 Buy
Texas Instruments TPS40140RHHT 2350 $5.01 Buy
Texas Instruments TPS40140RHHR 6109 $3.85 Buy
Texas Instruments TPS40180EVM 9 $49.00 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-TPS40140RHHTG4 0 $3.85 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-TPS40140RHHRG4 0 $3.45 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-TPS40140RHHR 0 $6.30 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-TPS40140RHHT 247 $6.40 Buy
AVNET Asia Pacific TPS40140RHHT $3.29 Buy
Farnell TPS40140RHHT 117 * $7.25 Buy
Newark TPS40140RHHRG4 $2.20 Buy
Newark TPS40140RHHT 600 $5.91 Buy
AVNET Europe TPS40140RHHT 250 * $4.11 Buy
element14 APAC TPS40140RHHT 117 * $6.80 Buy
AVNET Express TPS40140RHHT 1000 $2.36 Buy
Rochester Electronics TPS40140RHHT 1010 $3.26 Buy
Rochester Electronics TPS40140RHHT 250 $3.26 Buy
Win Source TPS40140RHHRG4 9800 $2.26 Buy
Verical Marketplace TPS40140RHHT 181 $0.00 Buy
Arrow North American Components TPS40140RHHT 0 $4.36 Buy
Ameya360 TPS40140RHHT 1750 $3.66 Buy
Ameya360 TPS40140RHHRG4 Buy
RS Components TPS40140RHHT $720.90 Buy
Newark TPS40180EVM 2 $50.73 Buy
AVNET Express TPS40140RHHR 45351 $3.15 Buy
Arrow North American Components TPS40140RHHR 0 $4.85 Buy
AVNET Europe TPS40140RHHR * $3.64 Buy
Newark TPS40140RHHR 1059 $1.20 Buy
AVNET Asia Pacific TPS40140RHHR 2434 $2.56 Buy
AVNET Express TPS40140RHHRG4 2500 $2.83 Buy
Verical Marketplace TPS40140RHHR 22 $5.23 Buy
Win Source TPS40140RHHR 5000 $51.50 Buy
Arrow North American Components TPS40140RHHRG4 0 $0.00 Buy
Farnell TPS40180EVM 1 * $52.63 Buy
Newark TPS40140RHHTG4 $3.44 Buy
Ameya360 TPS40140RHHR Buy
Rochester Electronics TPS40140RHHR 32058 $2.88 Buy
Rochester Electronics TPS40140RHHR 400 $2.88 Buy
AVNET Express TPS40140RHHTG4 $3.20 Buy

TPS40140 Stackable 2 Channel Multiphase or 2 Channel Independent Output Controller


Reference Designs

Title Manufacturer Part Number
High Current Four Phase Synchronous Buck 5V@55A Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP9035
Four Phase Sync Buck 900mV@70A Texas Instruments PMP5621
Two Phase Synchronous Buck Converter, 0.7V to 3.3V Output at 20A Using the TPS40140 Texas Instruments PMP3978
TPS40140 Dual Phase Supply Texas Instruments PMP4594
Sync Buck for Hard Drive Tester 5V@5A and 3.3V@5A Texas Instruments PMP3866
Two Phase Synchronous Buck Converter, 3.3V Input to 1.05V at 25A Texas Instruments PMP2783
5V input; 6 Phase High Efficiency Synchronous Buck; 0.9V 120A output Texas Instruments PMP6845
High current core/ASIC/FPGA supply Texas Instruments PMP5738
Multiphase Buck (1.2 @ 40A) for the TPS40140 Texas Instruments PMP2384
Multiphase (1.6V @ 80A) for Memory Texas Instruments PMP5456
Multiphase Synchronous Buck Converter: Six phase 12V Input to 1V at 150A Texas Instruments PMP2064
Two Phase Synchronous Buck Converter, 12V Input to 3.3V at 50A Texas Instruments PMP2916
Multiphase Synchronous Buck Converter, Four phase 12V Input to 1.5V at 80A Texas Instruments PMP3054
Two phase sync buck 13.5V@20A Texas Instruments PMP4693
Interleaved Synchronous Buck (12V@30A (40Amax)) for Medical Applications Texas Instruments PMP5530
Dual Output Synchronous Buck Converters using the TPS40140, 12V Input to 1.2V at 8A and 1.0V at 8A Texas Instruments PMP2994
Generates two outputs 16V@13A and 5V@10A using TPS40140 Texas Instruments PMP4591
Sync buck (5V@10) Texas Instruments PMP4590
Multiphase: Sync Buck: Buck-Boost: Boost for IP Converter (25V @ 1A) Texas Instruments PMP3061
Multiphase, Sync Buck for HiRel (0.95V @ 20A) Texas Instruments PMP3904
Multiphase, Sync Bucks, Linear for Single-board Computer (SBC) Power (1.8V @ 4.7A) Texas Instruments PMP3158