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Series: TLV1117

Part Number: TLV1117IKTTR


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LDO Regulator Pos 0.8A 4-Pin(3+Tab) TO-263 T/R


Application Notes

Title Manufacturer Published
A Topical Index of TI LDO Application Notes (Rev. E) Texas Instruments 02/12/2015
ANY-OUT? LDO Controlled by I2C? IO Expander Device (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 09/20/2012
Techniques for accurate PSRR measurements Texas Instruments 10/28/2013
Fundamental Theory of PMOS LDO Voltage Regulators Texas Instruments 05/07/1999
Using Thermal Calculation Tools for Analog Components Texas Instruments 09/02/2010
A Topical Index of TI Supply Voltage Supervisor (SVS) Application Notes Texas Instruments 06/15/2015
Linear and Switching Voltage Regulator Fundamental Part 1 Texas Instruments 03/21/2007
LDO PSRR Measurement Simplified Texas Instruments 07/27/2009
AN-1950 Silently Powering Low Noise Applications (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 04/22/2013
Hybrid Battery Charger with Load Control for Telecom Equipments Texas Instruments 10/28/2014
Cyclone? III FPGA Starter Kit Power Reference Design Texas Instruments 03/27/2008
LDO Noise Demystified Texas Instruments 06/30/2009
AN-1028 Maximum Power Enhancement Techniques for Power Packages (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 05/06/2013
Selecting the correct IC for power-supply applications Texas Instruments 12/14/2006
AN-1482 LDO Regulator Stability Using Ceramic Output Capacitors (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 04/25/2013
Designing Low Cost Flyback Power Supply Using Boost Converter (TPS61165) for HF Texas Instruments 04/17/2014
LDO Performance Near Dropout Texas Instruments 10/08/2010
Intel EP80579 Tolopai System-on-Chip Reference Design Texas Instruments 07/21/2010
A 3-A, 1.2-Vout linear regulator with 80% efficiency and Plost < 1W Texas Instruments 10/10/2006
How to pick a linear regulator for noise-sensitive applications Texas Instruments 01/22/2013

Evaluation Kits

Title Type Part number
LM317A-337N-EVM Evaluation Modules & Boards LM317A-337N-EVM