Texas Instruments

Series: OPA188

Part Number: OPA188AIDGKR


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Texas Instruments OPA188AIDGKR 15642 $2.00 Buy
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OP Amp Single GP R-R O/P ±18V/36V 8-Pin VSSOP T/R


Application Notes

Title Manufacturer Published
Tuning in Amplifiers Texas Instruments 10/02/2000
Compensate Transimpedance Amplifiers Intuitively (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 03/30/2005
Combined Voltage and Current Output with the DACx760 Texas Instruments 07/24/2014
Single-Supply Operation of Operational Amplifiers Texas Instruments 10/02/2000
Op Amp Performance Analysis Texas Instruments 10/02/2000

Analog Circuits

Name Category Published
AC coupled instrumentation amplifier circuit Amplifier 01/09/2019 Download
Circuit for offset adjustment of input signals using precision DAC for measurement equip. Data Converter 01/25/2019 Download