Texas Instruments

Series: MSP430FW429

Part Number: MSP430FW429IPMR


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MSP430FW429 - Mixed Signal Microcontroller


Application Notes

Title Manufacturer Published
FSK Modulation and Demodulation With the Microcontroller MSP430 Texas Instruments 12/14/1998
Designing With MSP430 and Segment LCDs (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 07/20/2015
Migrating From MSP430FW42x Scan Interface to MSP430FR6x8x/FR5x8x ESI (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 02/06/2015
Simple 1.5 V Boost Converter for MSP430 Texas Instruments 10/18/2000
Efficient MSP430 Code Synthesis for an FIR Filter Texas Instruments 03/29/2007
Wave Digital Filtering Using the MSP430 Texas Instruments 09/13/2006
Using GMR Sensors With the MSP430 Scan Interface Texas Instruments 04/18/2007
MSP430 LFXT1 Oscillator Accuracy Texas Instruments 11/15/2004
Interfacing the 3-V MSP430 to 5-V Circuits Texas Instruments 10/01/2002
Simple Power Solution Using LDOs for the DM365 Texas Instruments 08/04/2009
MSP430FW42x ScanIF Demo Box Hardware/Software Description Texas Instruments 04/12/2013
Mixing C and Assembler with the MSP430 Texas Instruments 02/28/2002
Efficient Multiplication and Division Using MSP430 Texas Instruments 08/03/2006
Implementing An Ultralow-Power Keypad Interface with MSP430 Texas Instruments 02/20/2002
MSP430 Embedded Application Binary Interface Texas Instruments 05/16/2012
Choosing an Ultra Low-Power MCU Texas Instruments 06/30/2004
MSP430FW42x Scan Interface SIFCLK Adjustment Texas Instruments 02/28/2006
MSP430 Family Mixed-Signal Microcontroller Application Reports Texas Instruments 01/21/2000
Li-Ion Battery Charger solution using the MSP430 Texas Instruments 12/31/2005
Rotary/Linear Motion Detection Using the MSP430 Scan Interface & Optical Sensors Texas Instruments 12/15/2006
MSP430 Capacitive Single-Touch Sensor Design Guide Texas Instruments 01/16/2008
Understanding MSP430 Flash Data Retention Texas Instruments 03/27/2008
MSP430FW42x Scan Interface SIFDACR Calibration Texas Instruments 08/01/2006
CRC Implementation with MSP430 Texas Instruments 11/04/2004
Random Number Generation Using the MSP430 Texas Instruments 10/13/2006

Evaluation Kits

Title Type Part number
MSP-FET430U64 Evaluation Modules & Boards MSP-FET430U64
MSP-GANG JTAG Emulators/ Analyzers MSP-GANG
MSP-TS430PM64 - 64-pin Target Development Board for MSP430F1x; MSP430F2x and MSP430F4x MCUs Development kit MSP-TS430PM64