Texas Instruments

Series: LM3S1D21

Part Number: LM3S1D21-IQC80-A2


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AVNET Express LM3S1D21-IQC80-A2 29 $11.66 Buy
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Obsolete LTB expires Jul-1-2015


Application Notes

Title Manufacturer Published
Using Execute, Write/Erase Flash Protection on Stellaris MCUs Using CCS (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 08/15/2012
Programming the On-Chip Flash Memory in a Stellaris Microcontroller (AN01237) Texas Instruments 07/07/2009
System Design Guidelines for Stellaris? Microcontrollers   (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 02/04/2013
Using the Stellaris Microcontroller Analog-to-Digital Converter (AN01247) Texas Instruments 07/07/2009
Using SYS/BIOS with Stellaris? ARM? Cortex?-M3 Microcontrollers (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 11/19/2012
Differences Among Stellaris? LM3S and Tiva? C Series TM4C123x MCUs (Rev. E) Texas Instruments 09/24/2013
Configuring Stellaris? Tempest- and Firestorm-Class and MCUs W/ Pin Multiplexing (Rev. C) Texas Instruments 11/06/2013
Using the Stellaris Serial Flash Loader (AN01242) Texas Instruments 07/07/2009
Using a 9-bit Software UART with Stellaris (AN01280) Texas Instruments 07/07/2009
Optimizing Code Performance and Size for Stellaris Microcontrollers (AN01265) Texas Instruments 07/07/2009
Stellaris? LM3S ADC Calibration (AN01282) (Rev. C) Texas Instruments 11/01/2012
Using Stellaris MCUs Internal Flash Memory to Emulate EEPROM (AN01267) Texas Instruments 07/07/2009
Software UART for Stellaris Microcontrollers (AN01270) Texas Instruments 07/07/2009
ADC Oversampling Techniques for Stellaris Microcontrollers (AN01239) (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 01/08/2013
Implementing RS-232 Flow Control on a Stellaris Microcontroller (AN01255) Texas Instruments 07/07/2009