Texas Instruments

Series: LM22677-Q1

Part Number: LM22677QTJE-5.0/NOPB


Distributor SKU Stock Cost
Digi-Key LM22677QTJE-5.0/NOPBCT-ND 0 $0.00 Buy
Texas Instruments LM22677QTJE-5.0/NOPB 3431 $5.26 Buy
Mouser Electronics 926-LM22677QTJE50NPB 144 $6.41 Buy
Rochester Electronics LM22677QTJE-5.0/NOPB 2693 $4.20 Buy
Arrow North American Components LM22677QTJE-5.0/NOPB 0 $0.00 Buy
AVNET Europe LM22677QTJE-5.0/NOPB * $5.29 Buy
AVNET Express LM22677QTJE-5.0/NOPB $4.17 Buy
Verical Marketplace LM22677QTJE-5.0/NOPB 5500 $4.49 Buy

LM22677-Q1 5A SIMPLE SWITCHER, Step-Down Voltage Reg. with Synchronization or Adjustable Switching Frequency


Evaluation Kits

Title Type Part number
LM22677 5A SIMPLE SWITCHER Regulator w/ Freq Adj or Synch and Precision Enable EVM Evaluation Modules & Boards LM22677EVAL