Texas Instruments

Series: CC2511

Part Number: CC2511F32RSP


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AVNET Express CC2511F32RSP 1389 $4.34 Buy

CC2511 - 2.4 GHz Radio Transceiver, 8051 MCU, 16KB or 32KB Flash memory and full-speed USB interface


Application Notes

Title Manufacturer Published
DN000 - Design Note Overview (Rev. T) Texas Instruments 10/12/2011
AN003 -- SRD Antennas Texas Instruments 02/01/2006
DN300 -- SmartRF04EB Troubleshooting (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 03/24/2009
DN102 -- SoC Temperature Sensor (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 10/22/2007
AN048 -- 2.4GHz Chip Antenna (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 03/04/2008
DN117 -- SimpliciTI-compatible UART Driver Texas Instruments 09/22/2009
DN110 -- Main Radio Control State Transition Times Texas Instruments 07/10/2008
DN018 -- Range Measurements in an Open Field Environment (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 04/15/2008
DN021 - CC2500 and CC2510 Sensitivity versus Frequency Offset and Crystal Accura Texas Instruments 03/10/2008
DN119 -- Asynchronous Serial Mode for CC111xFx and CC251xFx (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 03/21/2012
DN507 -- FEC Decoding Texas Instruments 03/21/2019
DN509 -- Data Whitening and Random TX Mode Texas Instruments 04/12/2010
DN106 -- Power Modes in CC111xFx, CC243xFx, and CC251xFx (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 02/23/2009
AN032 -- 2.4 GHz Regulations Texas Instruments 01/31/2006
DN114 -- Test_Signals_for_Debug_Purpose in CC111xFx, CC251xFx, and CC243x (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 12/11/2008
DN303 -- Cleanup of Installed PC Tools Texas Instruments 12/20/2006
AN058 -- Antenna Selection Guide (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 10/06/2010
DN112 -- Using UART in CC111xFx CC243x CC251xFx and CC253xFx (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 08/11/2009
DN111 - Current Consumption for a Polling Receiver (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 03/24/2009
Using AES Encryption in CC111xFx and CC251xFx (Rev. C) Texas Instruments 03/13/2015
DN504 -- FEC Implementation (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 10/22/2007
DN502 -- CRC Implementation (Rev. D) Texas Instruments 10/27/2009
DN116 -- Clearing Module Interrupt Flags in LPW SoC Devices Texas Instruments 08/03/2009
DN011 -- RF Module Testing using SmartRF Studio (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 03/23/2009
AN080 -- LED Lighting with Remote Control using CC2510 and CC1110 Texas Instruments 09/16/2009
DN002 -- Practical Sensitivity Testing Texas Instruments 12/20/2006
DN004 Folded Dipole Antenna for CCC25xx Texas Instruments 12/05/2006
DN107 -- DMA and Radio Configuration (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 12/17/2009
DN105 -- Upgrade from CC2510/11 Preview to Released Part Texas Instruments 09/04/2007
AN028 -- LC Filter with Improved High-Frequency Attenuation Texas Instruments 02/01/2006

Evaluation Kits

Title Type Part number
CC2510EMK Daughter Cards CC2510EMK
Debugger and Programmer for RF System-on-Chips Debug probe CC-DEBUGGER
CC2510-CC2511DK Development Kits CC2510-CC2511DK
BoosterPack for Applications from 902MHz to 928MHz Evaluation board BOOSTXL-CC1120-90
CC2511EMK Daughter Cards CC2511EMK