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PicoBricks Zero to Hero Kit

PicoBricks is an electronic development board designed for use in maker projects. PicoBricks can be used to create a variety of projects as a result of its 10 detachable modules. Also included is a card which can be used to add your own modules!

PicoBricks is suitable for developers of all levels. If you have an interest in electronics and coding, PicoBricks is suitable for you.

Thanks to the modular hardware design, Scratch-like block coding environment and simulator, getting started will be easy for begineers with no previous experience required.

For those more advanced, you can dig deeper into electronics or explore coding in Python.

Experts can explore new ideas and build prototypes with ease thanks to PicoBricks.

The PicoBricks board comes with ten pre-connected modules to the Raspberry Pi Pico, this means that you can start your coding dream project right away, without any wiring or soldering.