Laird as a company came into existence in the 1970s, although the company can trace its roots right back until 1898. Today, Laird, formally known as The Laird Group Limited, is headquartered in central London, UK and has corporate offices in the United States as well, and are supported by their manufacturing bases around the globe. Laird specialise in the design, development and supply of systems, electronic components and solutions that protect and enhance the connectivity of devices through wireless applications and antenna systems. Products and systems, through Lairds products are then protected from the effects of electromagnetic interference and heat.

Application Areas:
Consumer Electronics
Healthcare / Medical
Industrial / Production
IT / Computer

Product datasheets:
Embedded Wireless
EMC Components
EMI Shields & Gaskets
Industrial Remote Control & Communication Systems
Mining Communications
Power Products
Precision Metals
RF/Microwave Absorbers & Dielectrics
Telematics & Wireless M2M
Thermal Management