Coral is a platform developed by Google that focuses on enabling on-device AI and machine learning capabilities. It's designed to bring AI inference (execution of pre-trained machine learning models) to edge devices, such as IoT devices, robotics, and other embedded systems. This can help improve privacy, reduce latency, and enable AI applications to run locally without relying on cloud services.

Coral provides hardware and software components to facilitate the deployment of AI models on edge devices.

Some key components of the Coral platform include:

  • Coral Edge TPU
  • Coral Development Board
  • Coral USB Accelerator
  • Coral ML Accelerators
  • Coral Model Zoo
  • Coral SDK

Coral is aimed at various applications, including image and audio recognition, natural language processing, robotics, industrial automation, and more. By enabling AI processing at the edge, Coral aims to empower developers to create smarter and more responsive devices without relying on cloud-based services.